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I am Associate Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), and Co-founder and CEO at Commutrics.    

My research work focuses on sustainability of buildings and infrastructure systems. I use operations research and operations management to model and simulate technical, business, and social elements to understand the impacts of our systems and behavior on the built environment to enable better decision-making processes. My research work and interests are geared toward ideas and concepts that result in tools and systems that serve our society with business opportunities. My students and I developed various models and decision support systems to identify optimal upgrades and maintenance interventions to maximize sustainability of existing buildings; understand and influence commute behavior of employees with shared destinations to minimize transportation emissions and cost; measure and prioritize maintenance of roadways using low-cost sensors, analyze Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) for electricity demand optimization, community resilience, and energy justice; promote sustainability competencies in construction engineering education; and identify optimal plans for construction projects to simultaneously minimize project time and cost while maximizing quality. 

I received ~$3M from various organizations to support my ongoing and past research work from National Science Foundation. Colorado Department of Transportation, California Department of Transportation, California Energy Commission, Mountains Plains Consortium (University Transportation Center), and Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). I disseminated the outcomes of my research work in 24 peer-reviewed journal articles and 43 peer-reviewed conference articles. These journal articles were published in high ranked journals in the field such as: J. of  Applied Energy, J. of Automation in Construction, J. of Construction Engineering and Management, J. of Management in Engineering, and J. of Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. I received best paper awards from Construction Research Congress by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in 2020, and Kiewit International Journal of Construction Engineering Research by Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) in 2021.

I teach a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses, including construction planning and control, building information modeling, construction management fundamentals, and construction engineering systems.


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