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Business Commute Optimization System (BCOS)

Traffic congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing energy and infrastructure costs are a few of the transportation-related challenges of the twenty first century. BCOS was born to solve these problems by recommending commute plans that are convenient and promising to business commuters! BCOS finds innovative solutions that not only minimize negative environmental impacts of the transportation network, but also increase efficiency. In other words, commuters can save time and money while also helping the environment.

BCOS is designed to create win-win strategies. Employees benefit from commute savings, convenience, and a more active lifestyle. At the same time they build sustainable community, reduce congestion, and decrease air pollution. Business owners benefit from tax reductions, more social work environments, and more satisfied and productive employees. Set back and let BCOS revolutionize your commute using convenient and innovative solutions available at your fingertips.

This innovative and new system was the brain-child of Dr. Abdallah. He is leading a dynamic and interdisciplinary team to develop BCOS. Together they plan to revolutionize your daily commute with more fun, convenience and better lifestyle.