Awards and Mentors

Associated Schools of Construction Best Journal Paper Award (2021)

Construction Research Congress Best Paper Award (2020)

Associated Schools of Construction Regional Teaching Award (2020)

Best Journal Paper Award (2021),

  • Kiewit International Journal of Construction Engineering Research Best Journal Paper Award presented by Associated Schools of Construction.

Best Paper Award (2020),

    • Awarded by the Construction Research Congress (CRC) of the American Society of Civil Engineering for best paper in 2020 meeting among 491 papers.

ASC Regional Teaching Award (2020):

    • Award presented by the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) for Region 6 educators based on contribution to ASC and teaching accomplishments.

Construction Education Challenge Award (2020).

    • Award presented by Associated General Contractors (AGC).

Construction Education Challenge Award (2016).

    • Award presented by Associated General Contractors (AGC).

UIUC Teaching/Research Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship (2008-2013). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA.

AAAEA Student Scholarship (2012).

    • Awarded annually to distinguished Undergraduate and Graduate Engineers, Architects, and Computer Science students who are members of the AAAEA.

William E. O’Neil Award (2011).

    • A merit-based scholarship awarded by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to prominent graduate students in the construction management program based on their academic and research performance.

Best thesis at Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University (March 2009)

    • Awarded by faculty of Engineering at Cairo University for best thesis among the faculty members. The decision is made based on the quality of research work and the publications produced from the thesis.

Engineers Excellence Award (2006).

    • Awarded annually by the Syndicate of Egyptian Engineers to graduate engineers who are top ranked in their undergraduate studies based on accumulative GPA over 5-years Bachelor degree.

Cairo University Excellence Award (2005).

  • Presented by Cairo University to the most distinguishable students accumulatively over the 5-years Bachelor degree. I was ranked 1st/55 students of the structural engineering under-graduate program.

Students Union Excellence Award (2000-2005).

  • Presented by students union of faculty of engineering at Cairo University to the most distinguishable students based on their academic performance during the corresponding year.

Former Advisors and Mentors

Middle, Dr. Khaked El-Rayes, PhD Advisor

Left, Dr. Mohamed Marzouk, M.Sc. Advisor

Dr. Caroline Clevenger, Post-doc advisor and mentor